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Help Forum

  1. 12 Apr '06 21:03
    os there an easy way tp do this??
  2. 12 Apr '06 21:52
    I'd think copy and paste would be good. Or are you one of those people that doesn't even know what that is?
  3. 13 Apr '06 02:46
    Probably I could do that before you were born 🙂, but the site only seems to let you copy one half move at a time. I would like to copy and paste the whole history.
  4. Subscriber ouroboros
    Digital Alchemist
    13 Apr '06 03:25
    Click on the 'Game History' link and then click on the 'Get PGN of this game' link. You can copy-and-paste the PGN from there into Notepad for printing.
  5. 13 Apr '06 04:58
    Thanks - I just found that - I didn't realise that the PGN just used standard notation