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Help Forum

  1. 09 Jul '07 04:07
    I'm experiencing problems with Uchess and the "Play Blitz" Option. My problem is that I keep randomly disconnecting.

    Disconnection is not known as the whole board freezes on my opponent's move. Meaning that my opponent's clock is ticking on my screen but I, in reality, have disconnected on my opponent's screen. I've already lost 4 games and have suffered a huge rating impact and would like to have a solution to this problem as it is happening in every game that I try.
  2. 09 Jul '07 06:14
    Try the "play blitz" at this site.
  3. 09 Jul '07 18:36 / 1 edit
    I just had this problem. Was about to post it but saw this thread. Apparantly, my opponent's clock ran out but the system refused to award the game to me. Finally I disconnected and saw it count as a loss. Wtf's going on with this? The server is not very reliable and not good.
  4. 09 Jul '07 22:54
    that is odd, the only time i ever disconnect is when i get mad, 😞 , i really need to stop doing that. anyway, server works great for me.
  5. 13 Jul '07 01:54
    I mean automatic disconnection. Is the server just VERY unreliable or something? My internet's always still running.
  6. 08 Jun '08 17:22
    I'm having the same problem with disconnects. I've tried Firefox and Explorer and this hasn't made any difference. The beta site which someone on this thread recommended is possibly more stable, but I've had one disconnect in 3 games played on that site.

    I tend to play with 10 or 15 minutes on the clock which of course means a longer timeframe during which things can go wrong.

    Any suggestions? uChess is a lot of fun in all other respects.
  7. 04 Aug '08 06:56
    Same problem here
    I lost so many rating points due to disconnects in winning positions.
    Can someone suggest some other site like uchess but more reliable?