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  1. 02 Oct '15 22:03
    After making a move, I want the "Go to next waiting game" button to display the next game based on my "sort games" parameter. It doesn't seem to work that way. Is there a way to fix this? . I have 80 games and try to utilize my time spent making moves efficiently based on the sort definition.. Have any of you noticed this? Is there something I need to know in order to fix this problem? All help / comments appreciated.
    Regards, Jtab
  2. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    03 Oct '15 02:26
    I find the "least timeout remaining" sort to be the best for this purpose, since the other sorts include timebank and that should not be relevant.

    Unfortunately I've never been able to figure out what sort the site uses for the two "next waiting game" options (icon or next-move-preference selection), except that it does not appear to be "least time remaining".

    The terminology used for timing on this site is somewhat confusing, and people with large numbers of games often find it's easier to use a system of folders for varying move-times.
  3. 03 Oct '15 02:36
    I keep my sort on 'opponent name', except sometimes RHP changes it to 'newest game'.

    I noted what games came up when I used 'go to next' and 'skip this game' and matched it against what games are listed in each of the sort options (not as hard as it sounds, took about 5 minutes). The match was for the 'oldest move' sort.

    Take it with a grain of salt.
  4. 03 Oct '15 02:46
    Yes, I guess folders is the simplest way to solve the problem..
    Thank you for taking time to answer my question. Much appreciated.
    Jtab / John