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  1. 26 Oct '04 19:26
    is there anyway to see what posts was "recced" ? i hAve 4 rec and 0 ideas what was recced..........
  2. Standard member pendejo
    26 Oct '04 19:52
    10 Aug '04 06:13 :: 1 recommendations
    good luck.

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    chess tip - white moves first .

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    > go to Search forums and type your own name in the authors section.
    you should see a list of all you posts there. this is the only way i know how. but itd be a right pain in the hole if youve made hundereds of posts. there may be an easier way (and id love to know if there is)

    and whilst im here is it possible to find out who recced posts?
  3. Standard member Ragnorak
    For RHP addons...
    26 Oct '04 22:51
    Originally posted by pendejo

    and whilst im here is it possible to find out who recced posts?
    I've always thought this would be very interesting to know. I've played a load of challenges against people I've met in the forums, who have either seen my posts, or I have seen their posts and we decided we'd like to chat some more whilst playing.

    This would be made so much easier, if you could see who recommended your posts, or even other posts that share ur point of view.

    However, there seems to be a strong feeling on RHP against knowing who gives the recs judging by the reaction to the times I mentioned this.