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Standard memberjimm
Help 02 Apr '14 16:18
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    22 Mar '14
    02 Apr '14 16:18
    The Site Rules are not very Clear. Do I have to Offer a Draw Before I Make my Move OR after I make my Move ?
  2. Donationmwmiller
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    25 Feb '01
    02 Apr '14 20:11
    I think you have to click the "offer draw" button and then submit your move. Your opponent will see your latest move and will also see that you have offered a draw. They can then accept the draw offer and end the game or decline the offer by making their next move.

    I have not offered a draw for ages but I think this is correct.

    I know that once you have submitted a move you will no longer have an option to offer a draw until it is again your turn to move.
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    22 Mar '14
    12 May '14 00:03
    I did exactly as you have writter but cannot see my Draw Offer on the Board
  4. SubscriberKewpie
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    20 Jan '09
    12 May '14 01:46
    We used to have "opponent's decision" shown on the MyGames page, but I don't believe that is the case now, it's just another "waiting" item. I think it shows up somewhere if you do a mouse-over but I can't remember where.
  5. Subscribervenda
    18 Apr '10
    12 May '14 12:53
    Originally posted by jimm
    I did exactly as you have writter but cannot see my Draw Offer on the Board
    1.Click the offer draw button
    2.Make a move.
    A message should appear "a draw will be offered with this move"
    3.Submit the move.
    In your OPPONENTS inbox instead of of saying my move it'll say my decision in a different colour.
    It's them up to your opponent.If he agrees it'll say game drawn in red in your games folder.If he refuses the draw he'll make a move as normal.
    You can offer a draw as many times as you wish during a game.
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