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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '07 09:23
    If you are experiencing problems accessing the site (particularly if you see the 'ERROR V2 RHP' error) please post here with the date and approximate time and how many times you needed to refresh before you could access the site.


  2. Subscriber daniv
    03 Dec '07 09:47
    Hi Russ, I had this error just once, but I want to address the issue of slow site when moving (the website simply doesn't work anymore) - not at every move, but ennoying often..
    Best regards,
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '07 09:54 / 1 edit

    When reporting the error, it is really important that we know the time and your time zone (or in GMT, if you want to save us some work).

  4. 03 Dec '07 15:33
    It happened to me on Sunday a few times but has been ok so far today.
  5. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '07 16:27 / 2 edits
    We just noticed this happened again a few minutes ago (16:20), so no need to report this instance.
  6. Subscriber Very Rusty
    Treat Everyone Equal
    03 Dec '07 16:29 / 1 edit
    Monday Dec.03/07.... I was booted of the site again at about 12:15p.m. (AST), took me about 10 minutes to get back on.
  7. 03 Dec '07 16:48
    just happened again for approx 3 mins 16.45-16.48 GMT
  8. 03 Dec '07 16:49
    Originally posted by Pigface1
    just happened again for approx 3 mins 16.45-16.48 GMT
  9. Standard member Ichibanov
    King of slow
    03 Dec '07 16:50 / 1 edit
    Happened to me a bit later...around 16:45. Thought it was happening again when I made this post but the page finally loaded after around 30-45 seconds. Usually, when I see a delay like that it means I'm going to see the error.
  10. 03 Dec '07 17:00 / 1 edit
    and again 1454-now, it is getting much more frequent now,... firefox user btw if that may help at all.

    It may be worth mentioning that often in the past month it could take up to a couple of minutes for the forums to load, but i didnt get the error message as well, the two may now possibly be linked.
  11. Standard member rhb
    Ginger Scum
    03 Dec '07 17:33
    5.24pm here in Coventry, couldn't get on for about 10 minutes.
  12. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    03 Dec '07 17:36 / 4 edits
    The problem has been identified.

    There has been an on/off outage for the last hour, but we should be on top of this now.

    - A fault has been identified, and has now been patched.
    - As a preventative measure, the 'view all games in inbox' option has been disabled.

    We will now be monitoring closely for the rest of the evening.


    No need to report any problems that occurred before this post. Thanks.
  13. Standard member Mitsurugi
    Not the dead
    03 Dec '07 17:52
    Had that error a while ago... I guess it was around 17h30 GMT but it's working now.
  14. 03 Dec '07 17:57
    Happening all the time with me since the 2/12/2007.
  15. 03 Dec '07 18:05
    This is still happening Russ, particularly when trying to access the Private Forums.

    Any time scale to when it will be sorted?