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Help Forum

  1. 14 Dec '04 03:43
    Hi, I'm new to this game so can anyone tell me why this game (Game 599644) is a stalemate? I have looked into this definition and it says King cannot be in check and no legal moves can be made, none of which apply here?

  2. Standard member orfeo
    Missing 285 + 1
    14 Dec '04 07:17
    It looks VERY odd! I mean, seeing the king is currently in check, how can it be stalemate?

    You've got me beaten. Maybe Russ needs to look at this?
  3. Standard member Ragnorak
    For RHP addons...
    14 Dec '04 11:55 / 1 edit
    Very strange. Send feedback (at the bottom of the page) and include the game number.

  4. Standard member thire
    14 Dec '04 15:41
    yes, it's strange. send feedback or wait for an answer here in the forum.