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Help Forum

  1. 28 Nov '10 11:12
    Hello! I noticed this mark by one player. I have never seen it before. What does it mean?
  2. Standard member Igloo
    28 Nov '10 15:02
    Maybe someone has an official answer for you, but I've noticed that all of the gents with the white star are from the early days of the site (2001/2002).

    I don't know if the white star carries any benefits or if its just a status symbol.
  3. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    28 Nov '10 15:04
    Original pawn star member.
  4. 28 Nov '10 17:42
    I thought it was a symbol for people that had supported the site during it's inception and have become "lifemembers" without having to pay the subscription fee.
  5. 29 Nov '10 16:09
    I have heard something about the original pawn star and I believe that the mwmillers answer should be correct. This player who carried this sign is also the member of RHP since 2002.
  6. Standard member zozozozo
    Thread Killing Chimp
    30 Nov '10 12:51
    I think both the above posts are true.