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  1. 12 Jun '11 20:39 / 1 edit
  2. 12 Jun '11 22:18
    thanks for the read. made me try to look up a refutation of the fried liver attack...

    it comes out, that morphy played it twice at least, in 1850 and against a.murphy and in 1858 against s.boden (and once as black in 1857). my database doesnt have them...

    can somebody recommend me a database for either old gm-games or for public cc-games? are the databases publicly available?
  3. 13 Jun '11 12:12
    I dig it.
  4. 16 Jun '11 02:29 / 1 edit
    Hi Thar.

    Loads of stuff on Morphy here.

    The links work.

    Cannot find A Fried Liver v his brother Alonzo but have seen it the
    castles mate game I gave in the blog as Paul v Alonzo.

    I distrust DB's because people can add things and save them.
    If I'm doing some serious research I always go for books, if I can,
    trusting the author(s) have done some research.

    I don't know where you heard about the Fried Livers. I cannot find them.
    You have to be aware that some people call this...

    The Fried Liver Attack. It's not. The Fried Liver Kicks in as the OP correctly
    states with 6.Nxf7. (though he did get it wrong calling it a Three Knights Defence.
    It's the Two Knights.)

    Thread 96117 is just one example on here where a completely
    different opening is called the Fried Liver. There are numerous threads on
    here with people not getting it right.

    This postition:

    Appeared when Morphy played Boden but Boden played avoided the
    Fried Liver by playing 5...Na5 instead of 5.....Nxd5. and Morphy played 6.d3

    That move that is called The Morphy Variation of the Two Knights Defence.

    My source for the castles mate game is 'Morphy Masterpieces'
    by Reinfeld & Soltis who give it as Amateur.

    Mind you that is an odd book. it says on the back cover Fred died in 1973,
    he died in 1964.

    I use to use that book to play a joke on the punters when I looked
    after the Edinburgh Chess Club (1976-81) I was also librarian in charge
    of over 1,000 chess books. Heaven.

    "Don't trust everything you read in a book."
    Was my opening punt. and show them the castle mate game which
    is the last one in the book.

    Reinfeld & Soltis discuss this possible postion after some analysis.
    Black to play.

    Saying it "..and it's still an open question."

    So I would play out the game, go through the analysis and stop at;
    "....and it's still an open question."

    And show a whole host of mates for White. The prettiest being.

  5. 16 Jun '11 09:29 / 1 edit
    I use this opening a lot, its just fun! (although not entirely sound, but thats chess i suppose, fun doesnt often come without risk!)
    One particularly successful game with this one was against a player that seriously outrated me (he was over 2000 at the time) enjoy! Game 8212625

  6. 16 Jun '11 16:29
    aha, very nice. i might as well join the morphys maniacs club.... his skill of playing chess is admirable.

    the game against his brother i just stumbled across, no details given, just a reference to the game. i think this is a link to it:

    it even says 0-0#, so it sounds familiar, but am not sure...
  7. 16 Jun '11 18:04 / 1 edit
    5. .... N.d5 is not Black's best try. 5. .... Na5 is a better move.
  8. 16 Jun '11 20:24
    Originally posted by gambit3
    5. .... N.d5 is not Black's best try. 5. .... Na5 is a better move.
    Then it ceases to be a Fried Liver.
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    19 Jun '11 12:29