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  1. 26 Apr '11 05:43
    In a 3/0 it was my (white's) move in the following position:

    I had two options that I saw: Kf3 and Ne3. In some ways Kf3 seemed like a safer move -- it would not lead to the immediate loss of a pawn. However, I decided to play Ne3 knowing that endings with opposite colored bishops tend to be very drawish. In fact, I thought I knew how to draw this position, though I had no time to work it out in detail, and though Kf3 would keep me even in material I felt that black was in control with Kf3. Though I could not see anything forcing for black, I still thought Ne3 was better. The game eventually ended in a draw. Looking over it with a computer (Fritz 6), the computer definitely likes Kf3 better. It evaluate Kf3 as exactly even, whereas Ne3 is -.75. My question is, was my call sound? It seems to be to me, but perhaps one of the experts here could tell me better. Thanks.
  2. 26 Apr '11 11:07
    I think both moves are OK, but I would also have played Ne3, especially in a blitz game. That's because, as you say, experience tells you that the opposite-coloured bishop ending is an easy draw. To be sure, one could also quickly calculate the line 1.Ne3 Bxe3 2.Bxe3 Bxg4 3.a4 Bd1 4.Bb6 Bxa4 5.Bxa5 followed by 6.Kg1 with a simple fortress.
    After 1.Kf3, the draw is not nearly as obvious, because black has more options with the invitation to put his bishop on e4.
    Computer evaluations can be very misleading, especially in the endgame.
  3. 26 Apr '11 17:30
    Thank you for your comments. The game went very similarly to the line you described after this position, with the only difference being instead of 3 ...Bd1 he played 3 ... Bd7. Same idea, though.
  4. 26 Apr '11 18:59
    Yes, probably Fritz sees the pawn loss, can't prove to itself that there is a definite draw, and therefore plays safe by marking the position down.