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Only Chess Forum

  1. 10 Nov '08 14:30
    I've got the free demo version of Chess Base Light, and like it very much. I'm thinking about paying for it to unlock the extra features. My question is, does anybody have the more expensive versions of Chess Base, and should I spring for those instead? Thanks.
  2. Subscriber AudioRapture On Vacation
    Skull Disco, Jr.
    10 Nov '08 14:39
    That entirely depends on what you want to *do* with such a database and/or if you feel limited by the restrictions of the Light version.
  3. 10 Nov '08 14:49
    I have CB 9.0 and while I was quite enamored with it's features at the time, I have found that I rarely want to delve into a position so far that I would need it. The light version would be sufficient for me.