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  1. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    16 Feb '14 16:04
    While all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.”
    - Marcel Duchamp

    I've heard about correspondence games where players have exchanged quotes from literature with their moves and so on, but now the German Correspondence Chess website is hosting a game between two German Artists where an artwork is created and exchanged with each move. The game began at the end of December and they are 4 moves in. You can see the artwork that accompanies each move by clicking the move on the score-sheet.
  2. 17 Feb '14 02:50 / 1 edit
    That is quite good and cool. Thanks for that.

    Let us know when the first check appears, be interesting to see what they post.
    And of course the checkmate, or resignation.

    We could do that with some of the games on here but it would have to
    be cartoon characters that followed the moves.

    Hmmmm.......I think a new blog is writing itself.......
    Next one is 90% done but a future blog....I see possibilities...

    You drooled over the 'Immortal' you played over in amazement at the 'Evergreen'.
    Now witness the....

    The Mickey Mouse Attack v The Donald Duck Defence.

    Cheers Raggers.
  3. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    17 Feb '14 11:52
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Cheers Raggers.
    No worries. There have been some good artists playing at RHP judging by the links in their profiles. One I remember is User 119580 and I have seen others whose user names escape me at present. And there have been the photography and writing competitions over in the General Forum.

    Russ' message box is perhaps a bit limiting for visual art, but I'd be willing to play a game here where the idea is to compose and exchange a haiku with each move - poetic licence acknowledged - for publication afterwards of course...
  4. Subscriber dzirilli
    18 Feb '14 23:22
    I've played games where a poem was written for each move.