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  1. 02 Mar '07 23:58
    I am a decent player but I have never been much of an attacker. I have decided to fix this problem in my game, I have set aside all of my endgame books, and I have purchased art of attack by Vladimir Vukovic. I am curious if he can turn me from an endgame player into an attacker. Any one else out there like to attack or learning to attack?
  2. 03 Mar '07 00:45
    I agree with Smaug.

    Great book, opens your eyes to attacking themes. I think you have to read the book at least 2 times to fully understand and implement everything.

    Follow that up with tactics and you are set.

    You can download just the Reinfeld puzzles at go to downloads. Then solve them in your head and use a chess program to find the solution.

    I'm working through them right now.