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  1. Standard member mipmcpt
    manchester clan
    25 Jun '06 14:44
    i very much like the scadinavian opening, what do others think of it as an opening for black?
  2. 25 Jun '06 14:48
  3. 25 Jun '06 14:54
    Sasilion najdorf is the only way to go
  4. 25 Jun '06 16:14
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    If I see the Scandinavion played against my e4, I feel confident of a win.
    Really? Any particular line or reason? In my games against it I don't normally get much more than a slight advantage from the opening.

    (In answer to the initial poster: it's one of the few openings with an early queen sortie that is pretty much alright, imo, and surprisngly safe in my experience. The exchange of central pawns makes the opening stage simpler for black, although he will still have a space disadvantage and slight lag in development. But I'm no expert, especially on the potentially more complex 2. ... Nf6 line.)
  5. Standard member Wulebgr
    25 Jun '06 16:43
    The Scandinavian is a gook balk opening, but the Sicilian scores better for black.
  6. Donation !~TONY~!
    25 Jun '06 17:38
    The poster didn't ask anything about the Sicilian Najdorf people. I could come in here and go, "OMG LOLOL THE DRAGON IS THE BEST!!!?!" That's my opinion, but that's not what the poster asked. In response to the OP, I agree completely with Tommy. Seems to me that the 2..Qxd5 line is perfectly fine for black. He has a space disadvantage, but it's seems to me like he gets to develop freely because of the release of the central tension and maintain a pretty solid position. All he has to watch out for is a d5 break, or some crazy sacs on e6 and he should make it out of the opening with decent chances. If this opening was really crap like these people say, then Anand would never have played it against Kaspy. Ever. Sorry to be so rude, I just wish people would think before they post.
  7. 25 Jun '06 17:57
    Scandinavian is not bad.
  8. Standard member Red Night
    RHP Prophet
    25 Jun '06 18:23
    Originally posted by mipmcpt
    i very much like the scadinavian opening, what do others think of it as an opening for black?
    I think at this level it's relatively sound. The knock against it is that white gains tempi as black moves his queen around.