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  1. 08 Aug '13 12:22
    Hi Bebop5

    Posted as requested. I have not changed one word just corrected a
    spelling mistake if I caught one.

    It's fairly easy to post a PGN just remember if posting a PGN in a new thread
    then look at it first in an old thread (with preview before post) you cannot
    preview a PGN in the first post, for some reason the system won't allow it.

    Take or leave it comments.

    The notes seem are good, the one after move 21 is a tad long as the user
    has to use the scroll bar to read it.
    I know there are scripts out there so you don't have to scroll but not
    everyone uses them.
    (try to write for the weakest player and users with out of date naff kit.)

    Also good practise to keep your notes short and sharp.
    The longer the note then more chance of confusion or an error.

    The Game:

    Don't hob-nob with the GM's before a game. 😉

    You appear not to have been phased by who you were playing which is good.

    I would have played on to be shown, though it does look grim when it's
    a GM on the other side of the board. However he may have tried a trick
    playing on your TT (aggressive players are often impatient players).

    I would not have played that Rb1 move (I never defend b-pawns, I have principles.) 🙂

    I would have hit the twist-or-bust trail and played 14.Nd5 and if he wants the b-pawn.

    14. Nd5 Nxf3+ 15. Rxf3 Bxb2 then 16. Raf1

    I'm thinking of moves like Rf6/Nf6+/h4 and a double whack on g5 not to mention c3.
    Yup I could have fun with that position and as I'm a pawn down I am justified
    and fully committed to attack because the ending is lost (as always).

    And you are right 23.Qd5+ was better. Well it looks better with hindsight.

    Bebop5 - GM Manuel Leon Hoyos US Open 2013

    Going into the tournament my opponent was the highest rated player entered at 2668 (USCF).

    As I sat down at Board 1 the player next to me was GM Alex Lenderman.
    My opponent had not yet arrived so Alex asked me what I intended to play.

    I replied that I usually essay the Catalan against stonger opponents.

    He then cautioned me that GM Hoyos was a very strong tactical player and
    liked to play the Benoni or Benko Gambit.

    I thanked him for his advice and told him that I liked his games.
    He seemed mildly pleased by the compliment.

    I had entered the 4-day schedule so this game was played at a Game/60 time control.

    Not the smartest thing for me to do as I had played fewer than 10 OTB
    games during the last year but that was the only way I could fit the
    tournament into my work schedule.

  2. 08 Aug '13 13:45
    Many thanks GP for the help.