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  1. Standard member elassasino
    king of vectors
    25 Nov '14 14:17
    related, if inversely, to the prior thread re: abject defeats ;

    i find at -4 pts ... i rarely if ever, prevail .. heck l8tely prevailing period is becoming the challenge! Anyone have a game where they won when down a queen ?
  2. 25 Nov '14 15:38
    Best comeback - As they sat down to start game 3 in the recently finished World Championship, Magnus Carlsen was caught on camera saying to Anand: "Nice wig Vishy, what's it made of?". Quick as a flash Anand quipped: "Your mum's chest hair!".
  3. 25 Nov '14 18:55
    Not my game, but an inspirational example, nonetheless. Interestingly, after winning the queen (for a piece and a pawn, but not much else) in move 11, the White player did nothing else but defended for the remainder of the game.

  4. 25 Nov '14 22:17
    Can anyone beat this?

    Game 3433510

  5. 25 Nov '14 23:03
    The only game I won with no queen vs queen I think. Black presses all the way, then gets himself into trouble, blundering (or saccing?) his queen and only then manages to hunt the white king down.

  6. Standard member elassasino
    king of vectors
    26 Nov '14 13:52
    nice games the last 2 being somewhat puzzling ... thnx
  7. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    26 Nov '14 19:56
    I looked over a few of my comeback wins. To be frank, it's just a matter of me blundering first. Then them returning the favor.
  8. Standard member byedidia
    Mister Why
    29 Nov '14 01:12
    He wasn't really down a queen, but a queen and two pawns for a rook and a knight.

    Nakamura - Aronian Blitz

  9. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    29 Nov '14 03:45
    Yo mama!
  10. Standard member blunderdog
    R.I.P. mikelom
    30 Nov '14 06:49
    I was at a bikini bar once and the only dancer that day was outside taking a cigarette break. A guy walked in, saw all the guys and said, "It looks like a gay bar in here!"

    One of the patrons came back with "Is that why you came?"
  11. 02 Dec '14 23:17
    Not down a queen, but my favorite;