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  1. 14 Nov '10 06:20 / 5 edits
    I'm so proud that i feel the need to brag here !
    It was yesterday, OTB in league competition.

    I had black against this very experienced bulgarian GM (and famous trainer in france), played a strange gambit to get him off his plans, and proposed draw at move 23, with a comfortable advance on the clock (40 min vs 15), and a sound position (rybka even gives a slight plus for black but it's completely even)

    Now if i was honest i would say that he's not only experienced, but quite old (72 years old), his rating being far from the usual GM rating (2260).
    I would also talk about the ugly series of draw and losses to players 200 points below mine last year (i dropped 50 points! now rated 2040)

    But strangely i feel i'm not the only one who prefers to show his success than his defeats!

    I've already drawn and even beaten higher rated players back when i was in good shape, but the GM title makes it special, and i was especially happy to see when analysing with rybka that i made no real mistake !
    The only move it doesn't like is my initial (and improvised) gambit, on move 4 giving +0.5 for white. After that, ALL the 19 following moves up to the end are the top 2 or 3 computer choices !

    I told you i would be bragging ! This is clearly an exception, my normal play is more blunders and ugly anti-positionnal moves

    So here it is, and you can use this thread to post your "flawless" games ( By flawless i don't mean perfect, but without obvious mistakes )

    (edit to correct the pgn)
  2. 14 Nov '10 14:07
    Good Post.

    I like this note:

    "(!?) anyway ! I didn't want my GM opponent to reach classical positions were his
    huge knowledge would tell...."


    Of course the lad is no longer the player he was. But if you had lost your
    nerve or blundered even slightly he would have had you.

    That Romanashin Gambit is OK.
    I've put it on the table in Blitz with some good results.

    I would have played it more often but I forget what I like and know
    sometimes and just flick into a KID before I know what I'm doing.

    It helps if White takes the a1 Rook. Black has loads of play (and an OTB DB+)
    with this line.

    On here I can only find one game in the 1400 section.

    Kalhornov - kingaroo RHP.2007

    Watch the c1 Bishop do a wee dance e3-d4-c3-e2-c1 and win the game.
    Also keep an eye open for the pins and cross pins on both Queens.
    Moves 18-20.

    And this is a good example of the gambit winning.

    Ehrenfeucht (2285) - Adamski (2410) Warsaw, 1990

    Watch White setting himself for a sockdologer with his
    pitiful attempts at getting the Queens off.

  3. 14 Nov '10 17:00
    hmm, but GP, you said in some older post(as far as I remember) that even when playing against higher rated players, try to stick with the main lines(theory) that you know best, and do not try to play side moves...
  4. 14 Nov '10 22:28
    Hi Vip.

    I recall saying something like that.
    Something like stick to what you know and play your normal game.

    Read the lad's profile.

    "I'm here to play fun games full of tactics..." & "If you like gambits, just challenge me !"

    He played his natural game. It would have been oh so easy for him to
    say to himself before the game.

    "Right this lad is a good player, no gambits today, I'll play it safe."

    Play your natural game, if that includes off-beat stuff that you know, play it.

    Remember his first note:

    I had prepared the "Romanishin gambit"

    Don't play an off beat opening you don't know or anything odd that is against
    your style just to take him out of the book.

    He had the right attitude. Games v good players are often lost by the
    weaker player before a pawn is pushed. Play your natural game.

    It appears this lad likes to fly by the seat of his pants. He knows himself
    and had the confidence. Go for it.
  5. 14 Nov '10 23:02
    I once drew a gm. First round in an open. Sadly I did not draw with him and was roundly thrashed.
  6. Standard member nimzo5
    14 Nov '10 23:10
  7. 15 Nov '10 05:50
    This game was inspiring. You stuck to your guns and got justly rewarded!
  8. Standard member pdunne
    15 Nov '10 08:17
    Originally posted by Habeascorp
    I once drew a gm. First round in an open. Sadly I did not draw with him and was roundly thrashed.
    Hah! You beat me to it. Although if I could express myself half as well in French as shorbock can in English...

    I too drew a GM in the first round of an open, earlier this year, and what do you know? I lost too! A weird experience. I saw it all coming, but a move or so too late to do anything to change it.
  9. 15 Nov '10 18:07
    My experience was not being blown out the water but having a worse position and no opportunity whatsoever for even attempted counterplay until he converted to a simple won endgame.

    I think he wanted a quiet easy win from good technique rather than superior calculations or similar and I let him get away with it.