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Only Chess Forum

  1. 22 Sep '09 01:38
    Have decided to drop blitz and play on here again.

    Am going to do a 30 game v -1600 'cos that's where the fun is
    and I want some clean fun.

    Restriced in open invites to 15 at a time so need some players to
    play so I can get the 30 under way.

    One game per player - posted 15 me White's.
    Now waiting to post 15 me Black's.

    Tally Ho!!
  2. 22 Sep '09 03:17
    That's a lot of guys.
  3. 22 Sep '09 03:38
    You are right - a bit too ambitious - but I see these guys
    with over 100 on the go and am kind of jealous.

    Anyway I've deleted 5 from each making it 20.

    Have started and am pawns down on a few already.
    Soon it will be pieces.
    My losses will be dire but my wins will be brilliant.

    I'll post the wins. (If I get any) and if I'm lost I'll set up
    HELPMATES to make pretty finishes so they can get posted as well.

    OK that's me sorted for the next month or so.
    I have pieces to sac, Kings to mate, traps to set and grading
    points to simply give away.
  4. 22 Sep '09 04:07
    how do i take part in your challenge
  5. 22 Sep '09 04:22
    im off to work soon and i wouldnt want to miss out,can you reserve me a game.
  6. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    22 Sep '09 14:05
    When you got a free spot I'm open.

    Not really a u1600 though.
  7. 22 Sep '09 14:30
    I would have picked up one of your games, but they are all gone.
  8. 22 Sep '09 14:30 / 1 edit
    Yay Mr. Greenpawn is back! Can't see any invites though.
  9. Standard member orion25
    Art is hard
    22 Sep '09 16:41
    oh, I passed 1600 just last week... life's not fair
  10. 22 Sep '09 19:18
    I want to be under 1600, will you take me if I lose 200 points on purpose?

    I want to play you.
  11. 23 Sep '09 13:51

    Just saw this post.

    I made the classic error off staying on line till 5am. playing 10-12
    live games. I've won 3 (I got 3 Grading points!) but have gotten
    myself into a nice mess in the others.

    Good. Now will see if I can trick and trap my out of trouble.

    So no need to shed grading points.
    I'll soon be beside you on the grading list.
  12. 24 Sep '09 16:31
    don't you have a job or a wife & kids to take care of?
  13. 24 Sep '09 18:50
    Originally posted by EmLasker
    don't you have a job or a wife & kids to take care of?
    Thats what the servants are for
  14. 24 Sep '09 21:30
    Originally posted by EmLasker
    don't you have a job or a wife & kids to take care of?
    They take care of me.

    I'm enjoying these games - gonna take more.

    Just side-stepped a nice instructive exchange winning trap
    laid by my opponent.

    When I went into this I thought I was winning but missed the check
    when looking at the position about 4 moves back.
    After he takes the pawn on e4 I had planned to have this active
    Rook on the 7th. But.....

    Game in progress and although this possibilty has passed and the
    game has moved on - say nothing.

    I'm Black.
  15. 24 Sep '09 22:46
    You seem to have very much fun....

    and yep, that was something, I'll bet you can find something..

    You'll be beside me soon, I hope, but will we play together, you loved gambits and I favors them,

    Are you trying such things with them ? Gambits.