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Only Chess Forum

  1. 02 Dec '06 00:20
    How do I castle on this site?
  2. 02 Dec '06 00:25
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    I thought you had gone to bed, loser.

  3. 02 Dec '06 00:35
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    Now we have to go to the FAQ every time we want to castle? That sucks. It was so much easier before.
  4. 02 Dec '06 02:03
    yea, i missed the goold old days when you could just move your king 2 spaces
  5. 02 Dec '06 08:13
    I understand why people post basic questions here. When you're new to chess and this site you might just want you're own exact question answered and looking through an FAQ might appear daunting. Surely it's more welcoming to answer the question and then let them know in a frendly way about how to get these answers from the FAQ.
  6. 02 Dec '06 08:44
    Originally posted by levlis
    How do I castle on this site?
    Move your King across two squares and hit move.

    You cannot castle in the follwing instances...

    1) If mummy has told you to wash dishes.

    2) Your homework isn't done.

    3) It is after 7pm, when you should be in bed.
  7. 02 Dec '06 09:27
    It is always better to read the FAQ So every time you want to castle Read the FAQ

  8. 02 Dec '06 17:17
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