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  1. Standard member jarrasch
    24 Jul '16 06:17
    Hi there,

    See the list of a few books that taught our chess mentor GreenPawn to attack (at the bottom of the linked post).
    It was very, very long time ago, before the RHP-times of GP.

    Dear GP - any additions to the list?

  2. 25 Jul '16 08:14 / 1 edit
    Estrin's Two Knights, The Blue book version from the mid 70's.

    Du Mont's 200 and Clarke's Russian miniatures.

    These helped me spot errors or positions where players tend to go astray in.

    Probably not my attacking skill that saw me win a lot more OTB
    games than I lost , it was the lack of my opponents defending skill.

    Of all the books Tarrasch's Best Games by Reinfeld
    helped me the most. It tidied me up.

    Book that came out too late to help . Chess for Zebras.