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  1. Standard member hunterknox
    Hopeless romantic
    14 May '14 17:09 / 1 edit
    This is a first for me: I've managed to persuade my opponent's king all the way across the board to be mated. It's a blitz game so it doesn't really count. Does anyone have any "proper" examples from their RHP or OTB collections?

  2. 14 May '14 19:42 / 3 edits
    Good. But why names. Does the RHP blitz screen stop names.
    I've no idea - I cannot get on there....

    .....I'll try again.

    No - fail. Obvioulsy some upgrade is required and I never upgrade if
    things are working - OK it means but I cannot see some Youtube things
    but that not a big deal. I get my blitz fix on game knot.

    Not a King Hunt - I'll find one on RHP for you. Just a swindle. I'm Black.
    Names in the header.

  3. 14 May '14 19:56 / 1 edit
    This one, played over a hundred years ago, is very famous:

    The amazing Edward Winter has actually managed to find Lasker's scoresheet of this game:
  4. Standard member hunterknox
    Hopeless romantic
    14 May '14 20:52 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    why no names...
    Removed to protect the innocent, perhaps? It's me (black) vs. the vigilante, who's quite good, as it turns out.
  5. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    14 May '14 22:54
    I've been checkmated on my back rank, is that close enough?
  6. Standard member lemon lime
    go phish
    15 May '14 06:02
    Kings getting checkmated on their own back rank... you see a lot of games like that at the Recent Checkmates portion of the log on page. For that reason alone I'm guessing this happens a lot here at RHP.
  7. 15 May '14 11:55
    Hi lemon lime. There are are just a few.

    First Paul Leggett - SlovakianSnypaX RHP 2010.

    Paul how could you miss 14.0-0+ mating in a few moves. It's a Morphy Move.
    You were named you 'Paul' after Morphy not after McCartney

    jasperV - BOB42 RHP 2011.

    In 20 moves the White King gets mated on d8 and is chased
    there after both Queens have come off. The final position:

    Speaks volumes for development v non-development.

    The shortest own rank mate (16 moves) and it's Black that does it.

    babadad - dirtycajun RHP 2011

  8. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    19 May '14 18:03
    Just finished a game that works for this thread. (Well, the last three moves are set as conditionals, but it's an easy forced mate.)