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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 14 Nov '14 01:43
    Anybody got a copy of this mag, apparently it has a cartoon of
    Santa Clause studying a chess problem.

  2. 14 Nov '14 01:54
    Wish you would have posted sooner; I moved this past year, cleaned out office and had a bonfire of old paperwork which included issues of Chess Life from that year. Sorry.
  3. 14 Nov '14 01:58
    You burned chess magazines!

    I'd burn my marriage certificate, my birth certificate, my very soul
    before I could burn a chess magazine.

    The ashes....check the ashes.
  4. 14 Nov '14 01:59
    Santa Claus Cremated?

    The Horror!!!
  5. 14 Nov '14 02:01
    I know; I have been very remorseful since, I suppose after lugging them around from one place to another for 40 years I should have realized how I would miss them.
  6. 14 Nov '14 13:05
    Not the one you're looking for, but here is Santa Claus terrorising chess pieces:

    And here is a story of him playing chess: