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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 11 Nov '06 16:31
    Where is the best site to study and actually work out tactics?
    Ive heard that tactics are 99% of the game.
  2. 11 Nov '06 16:44
    Thanks man.. do you have any others?
  3. 11 Nov '06 16:52
    Awesome man Thanks!
  4. 11 Nov '06 18:11
    I'm not sure about the best site, but the best software is definitley Chess Tactics for beginners by convekta.
  5. 11 Nov '06 18:25 / 1 edit has some great tactics all taken from real games. I can only manage the beginner section at the moment and you don't get to look over the answers untill you've completed a section. Also they are often tactics to acheive a subtle advantage making them realistic but not so obvious. Downside is you have to subscribe to the site and I'm not sure what's available without subscription.