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  1. Standard member anthias
    ambitious player
    17 Jan '07 19:34 / 1 edit
    Just discovered and the products there. I intend to buy a few videos before I go to a chess tournament on February. Any reccomendations on opening, middlegame and endgame? I don't have a specific choice or anything

    edit:shopping not shoping
  2. 17 Jan '07 19:57
    Andrew Martin videos are good, he's a likeable bloke and explains things well. The dvd's are viewed through fritz and most of them come with some database files as well.

    I don't know your background with the english language but you may have some problems with accents etc in the videos. If you want I can upload a sample video for you to watch.
  3. 17 Jan '07 20:04
    Ari Zeigler has gotten good reviews on his French Defense repitoire dvd.
  4. 17 Jan '07 20:15 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by zebano
    Ari Zeigler has gotten good reviews on his French Defense repitoire dvd.
    Yeah that's a good vid as well. I've started to play the french because of it

    I've just got both van Wely dvd's, he's a little dull tbh but I haven't really had a chance to watch them. In terms of enjoyment I think Martin is the best followed by Aagaard. But it kinda depends on what you want to learn.

    For example they have brought out another dvd on KID this time by Kasimdzhanov. It's basically him going over his games, however I wouldn't say it was better than Andrew Martin's DVD on the same subject. Martin goes through many different variations whereas Kas goes through his games. tbh they can get a little dul and you get a little tired of his high-pitched voice going up and down all the time
  5. 17 Jan '07 23:04
    I bought Ari's video on the french defence a couple of month ago but... After a couple of games I got tired of playing the french since many of my games usually ended up in endgames wich was pretty boring to play. Another thing which has to be said about the video by Ari is that he only talks about the anvance variation, the tarrasch defence and 3.Nc3 (main line). Many people thend to play the exchange variation or the KIA against the french. These are not in the video. I do not think these variations are very critical for black but he has to know how to defend against them.
  6. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    18 Jan '07 00:08
    yeah, the andrew martin dvds are very good. very clear, informative and entertaining. he's such a comedian, and that's why the things will stick with you.

    I bought the karsten müller endgame dvds for christmas, and they're also very good. his accent is quite strong, but you'll quickly get used to it. he's a riot too, although unintentionally.