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  1. Subscriber huckleberryhound
    Devout Agnostic.
    26 Feb '06 12:42
    Just got myself the above game (only one in the shop), and i have a few questions to ask if you(s) could help?

    1. I wont be getting broadband for a few weeks, and the comp i use doesnt support uchess.How long does the average realtime game take? what would be the best time to set the games to to get good practice?
    2. When i try to set up a tourney i cant stop the computer only games from playing out, how can i skip them / can i skip them?

    Hope you can help. . . thanks
  2. 26 Feb '06 15:23
    Most over the board internet games are ten and one minute. In ChessMaster 7000 you can select the tournament game you want to play. Surely they did not take this option out of ChessMaster 9000 leaving only auto play as a option. With ChessMaster 7000 I was able to save a tournament and stop its play when it was on auto.
  3. 26 Feb '06 20:07
    For the computer games in the tournament, there should be a box which says, quick result. Just click that and you don't have to wacth the computer games unless if you want to.