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  1. Standard member Wildfire
    Force of Nature
    15 Nov '11 17:41
    Blunders, we all hate them. They're embarrassing, just like that third child you wish you never had. As humans, we are error prone, some more than others. Many people resign after a blunder, believing the game to be over. However, others continue to fight on to the bitter end, with some coming back and winning the game. So, show me your best comebacks. I'm more interested in comebacks crafted from pure ingenuity and sharp play, rather than the comebacks crafted from your opponents equally embarrassing blunders. Regardless, if you have a comeback, let's see it.
  2. 15 Nov '11 20:37
    I'm a third child.
  3. 16 Nov '11 01:32
    Originally posted by SmittyTime
    I'm a third child.
    I also resemble that remark.