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  1. 26 Oct '06 16:42
    Is this the best tactics software available? Do you prefer it to books?
  2. Donation !~TONY~!
    26 Oct '06 17:38
    I think so, and I definitely prefer it to books...
  3. 26 Oct '06 19:34
    I still use books, but only when on a plain, bus or other place where I am just wasting time. CT-ART is better if you have the option.
  4. 26 Oct '06 21:44
    Hey, would a CT-ART veteran check out this post I made a while back.

    CT-ART makes a Pocket PC version, which I think is identical to the original, minus the ability to play on using Crafty.

    Anyway, I'm developing my own chess tactics app for Windows Mobile that pulls and catagorizes puzzles based on the book they are from.

    Here is the link to my post.

    Would this app compare to CT-ART or am I wasting my time.
  5. 28 Oct '06 01:59
    I prefer the "Chess Tactics" Series, also made by the makers of CT ART

    The Chess Tactics Series is

    Chess Tactics for Beginners which I have completed for my 7th time
    Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players which I purchased two days ago
    Chess Tactics for Advanced Players

    I personally prefer these... it takes care of all my tactical "needs". While CT. Art covers combinations from 1 or 2 all the way to 8, the Chess Tactics series is more focused on each level i.e., beginner has only 1,2, and 3 move combinations, intermediate has 4, 5, and 6 move combinations etc.

    Basically, the difference between these and CT ART (recall that these are both made by the same company) is that the chess tactics series focuses on each skill level much more than CT ART does. Each CD has between 1000 and 1300 puzzles.
  6. Standard member HomerJSimpson
    Renouned Grob Killer
    28 Oct '06 02:23 / 1 edit
    I think your better off getting a book actually, it's very tedious to look at the computer screen for hours, and the CT Art user interface is so damn bad, it makes it very frustrating just to tell the damn thing to go to the next problem/show the solution, instead it simply tells you your guess was wrong than opens another screen with a simpler, similar problem and it gets to be quite a headache

    The software is very unintuative and you may be like me and just get tired of trying to figure the thing out, Im sorry I spent $30 on the pos software. Get Sharpen Your Tactics instead, than graduate to 1001 combinations by fred reinfeld