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  1. 05 Jan '07 06:57
    why are my new games often deleted?\i had one with a title, notenoughslowtournaments\it suddenly was no longer there\is it that terrible to suggest that there are not enough tournaments with a long timeout specified?\some people like to play slow, or at least have the option to, without being timed out\who is deleting these things?\
  2. Standard member Dies Irae
    I Love U
    05 Jan '07 07:21
    It would help if I knew what you were talking about. You challenge people and then the games get deleted? Or you post open invites, someone accepts and then they get deleted? Standard punctuation might help also.
  3. 05 Jan '07 12:01
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    Too much of mamma's milk maybe?