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Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member Steve45
    Garry Kasparov
    14 Apr '15 20:41
    What does it mean when it says donation by a players name? I thought you could only be a subscriber or non subscriber.
  2. Subscriber C J Horse
    A stable personality
    15 Apr '15 09:28
    They are the people who provided money to get the site up and running in its very early days. They do not have to pay an annual sub.
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    15 Apr '15 13:32 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by C J Horse
    They do not have to pay an annual sub.
    But they do see ads.
  4. Standard member Steve45
    Garry Kasparov
    15 Apr '15 15:10
    Originally posted by Russ
    But they do see ads.
    Thanks for you answers.
  5. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Zen Master
    15 Apr '15 16:43
    Have suffered the double whammy of my wife's birthday and having to replace my boiler. ((£2000!)

    Naturally the adds i'm seeing here are for high length boots and boilers.