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  1. 01 Mar '06 19:35
    Given an equal number of pawns and a fairly symmetrical position what should normally win when solitary queen is vs. bishop + rook?
  2. 01 Mar '06 20:10
    always depends on the position of the pieces and pawns.
  3. 01 Mar '06 20:23
    King safety is huge in such situations especailly for the side with the rook and bishop. The queen is powerful and an open king could lose the game since the queen can check and pick up pawns with check.
  4. 02 Mar '06 00:29
    it simply depends on the situation.....

    If there are passed pawns (for both sides) i'd say Rook+ bishop is better...

    simply because the side with a queen hasn't anything to sacrifice - whereas - r+b I could sac a Bishop (preventing promotion) while still have a rook on the board.

    also A queen is a very good at picking peices off - the the queen can repeatedly check it won't be long before you start losing the odd pawn or worse.