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Only Chess Forum

  1. 09 Feb '11 15:36
    Two lines of thought motivate this thread:

    1. Have you an example of a game in which you or your opponent failed to see a winning move? (I know, all games may be like this, but I'm interested in the more remarkable ones, like failing to see a forced mate or major piece capture combination.)
    2. Have you an example of a game in which you made a move knowing that your opponent COULD respond with a great move, but you made the move anyway, betting that your opponent wouldn't see it? Did it work out that way?
  2. 09 Feb '11 22:22
    Game 7340791
    At move 34 I have mate in 3
    Instead I decide to throw away a rook
    Which my opponent declines
    Good chess!

    Can't help with the other,I only have a few piece sacs where I gamble my opponent won't be able to defend proper,but that's not quite what you're looking for.

  3. 10 Feb '11 07:58 / 4 edits
    Here is one of my howlers. White to move. Black has just taken the Rook on e5.

    After setting up this nice position, I make a move using my phone. Guess what move I made as White?

    Yes you guessed correctly, Queen x Rook! Not one of my better games....

    And here is another one, this time against my brother. I am White, White to move and mate in 2.

    What did I do?