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  1. 18 Apr '15 03:53
    I'm white. Finished in 19 moves. Would enjoy your thoughts. Thx.

    Hope you enjoyed. I did. Any constructive thoughts are welcome!
  2. Subscriber moonbus
    18 Apr '15 05:32 / 1 edit
    Find a stronger opponent.

    PS Welcome to RHP.
  3. 18 Apr '15 05:36
    Originally posted by moonbus
    Find a stronger opponent.

    PS Welcome to RHP.
    I know, I need to. Yet, I couldn't put rating parameters on the game. Plus, I really have no idea what my strength is.

    Perhaps you'd care for a game?

    And thx.
  4. 18 Apr '15 06:53
    Congrats to you on your win.
  5. 18 Apr '15 07:06
    Hi and welcome.
    Your thought processes on the game indicate some ability to me, particularly with the use of your troublesome bishop, but it's difficult to gauge your level on the basis of one game of course.
    Drop me a 3/7 challenge if you like, provided you don't use electronic assistance. I've played here for several years and despite playing like a complete dunce at times, I think my own rating is probably about right.
    A very large proportion of players here inhabit the 1400-1600 bracket.
    Beware players with high amounts of concurrent games with few/no losses, for obvious reasons.
  6. Standard member Ghost of a Duke
    Zen Master
    18 Apr '15 07:25
    You finished it well Applechess.

    Well played.
  7. Donation ketchuplover
    18 Apr '15 10:00 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Ghost of a Duke
    You finished it well Applechess.

    Well played.
    I second the earthling's emotions
  8. 18 Apr '15 18:39 / 3 edits
    Here's my first blitz game-I play white. Looked the player up, @spetral