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  1. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    09 Oct '14 16:54
    A chess player boards an international flight. After everyone is seated, he recognizes the passenger next to him. "Hey - aren't you - Gary Kasparov?", he asks. Gary smiles and basks in the recognition a bit. They get to talking about chess stuff. After the in-flight meal, Gary produces a little travel chess set and asks, "How about a game?"

    The chess player replies, "Oh, no, you're far too good for me. You'll blow me off the board!" Kasparov contemplates this a bit, then says "How about if I play left-handed? Would that be fair?" "You're on!", the chess player replies.

    Sure enough, Gary demolishes the chess player in 8 moves. CP is inconsolable. After he lands, he meets his friend in the airport. "How was your flight?" the friend asks. "Oh, it was horrible. I got destroyed in a game of chess by Gary Kasparov, even though he played the game with the left hand!"

    The friend breaks out in laughter and exclaims, "Dude! You got swindled! Kasparov IS left-handed!"
  2. Subscriber ISK
    10 Oct '14 18:43
    LMAO, flying back on the 24th december in 2009 the only spaces were in first class 🙂) suck that up company!, Anyhow they had chess you could play with other passengers , I ended up with the only 2900 rated player on the plane, little git said he was a 1200..., more fool me, was a good game 38 move loss, never did find out who it was....., one of you evil guys/gals I expect, flying chess.. what ever next, 3d first person chess??/ naaaa, never gonna happen