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  1. Standard member mr carlsberg
    probally the best
    07 Aug '10 09:04
    how many of you guys flip the board when analyzing? is it a good idea to do it all the time to access the board from your opponent's point of view or just occasiionally in tight games? or maybe some dont at all, just out of curiosity wondered what people's thoughts on this are?
  2. 07 Aug '10 09:16
    I naturally assume that it is black to move unless told otherwise.

    Always surprised when people say "Um. Its whites move"
  3. 07 Aug '10 09:17
    Not me amigo, consider it a form of cheating.
  4. 07 Aug '10 09:48
    Well if you are planning several moves in advance you have to have a good idea what your opponent is likely to play. Sometimes if there is an obvious move my opponent is going to play next, I play it on analyse game and then consider what I could do if I had 2 moves.
  5. 07 Aug '10 11:48
    to answer the question did my opponent pose any threats with his last move?
    it is sometimes easier to flip the board
  6. 07 Aug '10 14:00
    I don't flip the board. I always play from my side of the board. In a "tight" positon; I use my tournament board and triple weighted pieces. I play through the moves on that board and plot my next move. Sometimes it is easier to see on a real board than on a flat screen. There is nothing wrong when you flip the board to see what your antagonist sees.

    If I may opine; I'd suggest that you play from your side of the board as much as possible.