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  1. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    19 Jun '06 09:22
    After 20. c4 white is attacking two pieces with pawns and black can only save one of them. White goes ahead material.
  2. Standard member Lolette
    5. f3
    19 Jun '06 09:47
    Originally posted by 7ate9
    b*c, and then?
    dxc4 putting your bishop and knight at check postion by pawn one of them is bye bye
  3. Standard member Lolette
    5. f3
    19 Jun '06 10:51
    Originally posted by 7ate9
    20. C4 .. B*C

    21. D*C .. Be6

    22. B-d3 .. Rb8

    23. a3*b4 .. C*B

    22. Re1xe6 .. fxe6

    23. axb4
  4. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    19 Jun '06 11:07
    Originally posted by 7ate9
    can someone try to give me a rundown of where this game would head with the best possible moves being played. would i still have won?

    Game 2181688
    I think it's 20.c4 21.Be6 axb4 and black runs until white simplifies and wins.