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  1. Standard member blunderdog
    R.I.P. mikelom
    19 Jan '15 23:51 / 1 edit
    My latest opponent opened with 1.Nc3 and I thought well let's transpose into a closed Sicilian and replied 1...c5. He then 'agreed' and played 2.e4 and I responded with 2...d6. He just played 3.Nf3 before I realized we weren't playing the Closed Sicilian at all. The actual moves of our game were 1.Nf3 f5 2.d4 e6 3.Nc3...

    I had gotten the Queen and King mixed up. Now it'll probably be a Staunton Gambit.

  2. 20 Jan '15 00:15
    I recall playing that many Latvians at once I made a move and flicked
    onto the next game. It looked like my last game so I made the same book

    The was a slight difference and my move just lost. I just resigned.
  3. 20 Jan '15 01:40
    Did it have to with being mixed up about which side you were playing? Maybe it had to do with playing both sides in multiple games. Hopefully, it won't be a deciding blunder.
  4. Standard member blunderdog
    R.I.P. mikelom
    20 Jan '15 03:26
    I did get the sides mixed up.