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Only Chess Forum

  1. 26 Apr '11 14:42
    Hi, I can't find the method for offering a draw ? what happened to the
    dove symbol ! ?

    Can anyone tell me how it's done ? thanks .
  2. Subscriber Ragwortonline
    Ex Duris Gloria
    26 Apr '11 14:53
    It is only an option when it is your move. Click the Dove first to tick the offer draw box. The site will remind you that you have to make a move when offering the draw. You then make your move as normal and it will show "Opponents Decision" in your game list.

    Otherwise you will have to wait until next time it is your move or PM your opponent to see if they will offer a draw on their next move that you can accept.
  3. 30 Apr '11 18:11
    you dont. winning is all that matters.