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  1. 14 May '07 21:30 / 5 edits this a win for black?

    I meant white. How is this a win for white?

    Edit two: why is my FEN not working?

    Edit four (I forget what three was): HA! Stupid fen! You thought you could beat me?!? Sucka... I showed that fen who's boss (with some help from Ice Cold.)
  2. 14 May '07 21:31
    Originally posted by st00p1dfac3 this a win for black?

    [FEN]1N6/8/1KP1r3/2P5/1P6/p1p5/8/1k6 w - - 0 1[/FEN]
  3. 14 May '07 21:45
    it isnt
  4. 14 May '07 21:47
    Originally posted by Shinidoki
    it isnt
    The reason I ask is that the Blitz area just gave the other guy the win (I was black.) No I didn't time out - he had less time than me.