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Only Chess Forum

  1. 29 Nov '08 02:58
    seriously though, who cares right, but im like real excited cuz i never thought id do it...

    fi slappymagee
  2. 29 Nov '08 03:17
    Just goes to show that you are pretty good. I suck, but if it wasn't for people like me, where would people like you get your rating points?
  3. 29 Nov '08 03:24
    thanks, but i suck too, read my profile to confirm
  4. 29 Nov '08 03:29 / 1 edit
    I read your profile a while back. That's specifically why I mentioned the fact that I sucked. But if you can reach 2000 without using the Greenpawn method, then you don't suck.

    For you see, back then you never thought that you would reach 2000. That's because you thought you sucked. But now that you've reached that magical "I don't suck" number, you need to update your profile.

    Although I suppose you can still suck in general, even if you are pretty good at chess.
  5. 29 Nov '08 03:34
    well thanks again, and see my new profile for an update of more specifically how i suck