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  1. 24 Nov '07 18:30
  2. Standard member nmdavidb
    I Drank What? ©
    24 Nov '07 18:42
    That is nuts!

  3. Standard member chessisvanity
    24 Nov '07 19:18
    meh......i never understood the point of never accomplishes anything.

    it's like dancing.....really, whats the point?
  4. 24 Nov '07 20:20
    I hope you're joking.
  5. Standard member nmdavidb
    I Drank What? ©
    24 Nov '07 20:54
    Originally posted by exigentsky
    I hope you're joking.
    I think he was serious...which is sad...there would never be any change without it.

    But it has to be done in a civil way imho.

  6. 24 Nov '07 21:30
    My view is who has the time. Maybe some college kids or out of work people who live in a good enough area that they wouldn't have to use a weeks pay to get to the area of protest. The rest of us have bills to pay.

    "He who complains the loudest wears the fattest crown." -- DCTalk