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  1. 28 Nov '16 06:55

    I played this over at tonight. I remember somewhere vaguely that there is a name for a move that forces a defending piece to move. Of course, white's 24th move wasn't really forced.
  2. Subscriber jb70
    State of Confusion
    28 Nov '16 07:47
    Deflection or Decoy?
    Jeno Ban had easier terms to understand: driving off and driving on depending on if you are pushing an opponent's piece off a square or on to a square.
    In your case it is driving off.
    Is that deflection?
  3. 28 Nov '16 11:08
    There is a name in theory of combination::: Serbian word is "odvlańćenje", I think English translation might be
    dragging off (an opponent's piece) - Queen was dragged off so that She can't defend square "h3".
  4. 28 Nov '16 11:47 / 1 edit
    "Is there a name for black's 23 move?"

    it is called 23....Re4


    Hi Mate19,

    jb70 has it spot on a Deflecting Sacrifice. The White Queen is deflected from defending h3.

    23....Re4 24.Qxe4 Qxh3 mate.

    You are correct White is not forced to take e4, I bet he was expecting 23...Rec8
    and too quickly dismissed 23...Re4 as an error, though his position is still very bleak.

    Two things to note.

    Black played 13...Bxc3 here. Always a dodgy move taking a c3 Knight with a g7 Bishop
    especially if, as here, White still has their DSB on the board. White could have played
    14.dxc6 which gives White all the winning chances. Black I'm sure will have to give
    up at least the exchange for the c6 pawn after cxb7.

    Back to the mate.

    In that set up a Rook on h3 also mates. There was no way of forcing it in
    the actual game but a handy mating pattern worth knowing.

    sbacat - wadanz RHP 2016

  5. 28 Nov '16 18:20
    White didn't have to take, so maybe it should be called offering a chance to white to make a bad move.

    Unless I am mistaking white could have moved the queen to f3 or g3.

    Maybe I'm missing something. Not saying it would have made things turn out any differently.
  6. 28 Nov '16 21:15
    Was 19.g5 as bad as I think it looks?
  7. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    30 Nov '16 00:30
    Originally posted by Eladar
    Was 19.g5 as bad as I think it looks?
    Yes, it totally buries the bishop.
  8. 30 Nov '16 01:57
    Thx guys. I appreciate the input.
  9. Standard member Deputy Daddy
    Willing to Learn
    30 Nov '16 04:30
    Would it be called baiting or the "legal trap"