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  1. 13 Feb '07 22:24
    3168268Game 3168268i 35 move master piece how could i have won this game?
  2. 13 Feb '07 22:35
    I think you could have won if you used the g and h pawns. With h4 it would have been attacking his pawn and if he takes the pawn you get his pawn with your king. Then your g pawn has a free path to the other side and if he didn't take the pawn you could have played h5. Then you have a free path to the other side with that pawn.
  3. 13 Feb '07 22:39
    Hmm, I would have put the bishop on e4, then tried to slide my rook between blacks e and g pawns. A little risky though, and I haven't analyzed the position long enough to see if it's actually viable..
  4. Standard member Dragon Fire
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    13 Feb '07 22:57 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by frankbisson
    Game 3168268i 35 move master piece how could i have won this game?
    Opposite coloured bishops are often draws but here you also have the Rooks on and black has an advanced passed pawn. White has a king side pawn majority and blacks e ang g pawns are weak.

    Its black to move so he could try

    35. ... Rd8; 36. Bf3 ... Rd2; 37. RXR ... cd;
    and now black has 6 moves to bring his king up to c7, queening, winning the white B and the game.

    Meanwhile white will try and win the e or g pawn and push his g and h pawns.

    38. h4 .. gh 39. KXh .. Kc2; 40. g4 .. Kd6; 41. g5
    and now the black king must go to the king side to stop the g pawn.

    41.. Ke7 (if Kd7 42. Bh5) 42. Kh5 .. Kf6; 43. Kh6 .. Bf8+;
    44. Kh7 .. Bg7; 45. Bh5 .. Kf1; 46. e4 .. and the black B falls.

    This is just one possible line and, as it loses for black perhaps he should not exchange rooks although I have difficulty seeing that as being worse for white. I am sure someone better than I can pull this to bits and give a way for black to win or salvage the game.