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  1. Subscriber joesheppe
    Lesser Poobah
    21 Dec '11 18:34
    I would put money on a match between the two, blitz or classic. My money would be on Kasparov - even now.
    No time for openings study needed; that is, Kasparov doesn't need it.

    The recent trash talk about Garry from former student, Hikaru? Stupid and ignorant. Nothing more.
  2. Standard member nimzo5
    21 Dec '11 21:41 / 1 edit
    It's hard to accurately judge Kasparov's strength these days. He edged out Nigel Short in blitz, beat LaGrave in a 2 game match and handily dispatched Karpov in recent years but most likely his elo is sub 2800.

    The real question is could Kasparov beat the RHP top ten? I doubt it. haha.