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  1. 13 Dec '10 14:23 / 4 edits
    Never mind all these London Classic games between McArlsen
    Krumnick, Handy Andy and Knackered Mother.

    Why are we looking at these games and pretending
    we can understand them.

    (Oh I forget, you can put them through an engine
    and it will reveal all.....heaven help us.)

    Let's look at a couple of the games from the FIDE Open
    and stuff we CAN understand.

    First this cracker played by some lad graded 1498. Krzysztof Rafalski.

    N.Lim (1714) - K. Rafalski (1498) FIDE Open London 2010

    Krzysztof is Black and it's him to play.

    I won't tease you (or your engines).
    Black comes up with a wonderful idea. But it's unsound.
    The sad bad news is that White did not spot the flaw.

    This is what Black went for.

    The big idea never came off but Black still wrapped it up in style.
    Here is the whole game.

    Spot the plan I Segura Del Frago (2042) - S. Kumar (1795) FIDE Open London 2010

    An idea often missed in OTB play.

    Under normal circumstances all White has is blind swine.
    (One of the Rooks, a pig, has to keep checking the King on the 7th rank).

    White goes for plan B and we have a race between the b-pawn
    and the King. The b-pawn has to reach b1, the King g6.

    On your marks, get set...

  2. 13 Dec '10 18:03
    thanks for digging these up.
    the open is a great little tournament.
    bizarrely someone just joined in with 5/5 from another event today, so simon williams dispatched him very nicely.
  3. 13 Dec '10 19:12
    Nice! More, please.
  4. 13 Dec '10 22:00
    J. Rudd (2253)- C. Sreeves (2104) FIDE Open London 2010

    An 11 mover from Jack Rudd. I rarely miss playing over
    a Rudd game, always interesting with things and ideas.

    Jack does not want to debate 25 moves of Najdorf theory so
    takes it into rarely seen waters. 3.Nc3.

    Black , Clement Srveeves a lad I know and have watched develop
    into a good player, plays with his guard down and slips in 10...Bb7.

    Jack spots the shot. Game over.

    M. Hebden (2560) - P.Gregory (2096) FIDE Open London 2010

    Same theme. A player spotting the shot with a Knight move
    after their opponent plays an unforced error.

    Black sees only his idea of exploiting the weak back rank with 15...Ne4.
    A common trait this that all to often appears in our games.

    We only see what we are up to forgetting that our opponent too has moves.

    And when that opponent happens to be a GM then beware.
    Two moves after the idea 15...Ne4 Black resigned.

    Boo! He could have allowed the pretty mate with the two Knights.

    You too can join in on the fun.

    Go here:

    And get the PGN's of the Fide Open and do some fishing.

    (Don't bother down loading the Classic Games, nothing for us there.)