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  1. Standard member Dragon Fire
    Lord of all beasts
    08 Dec '06 17:31
    By request (white to move)

    Invalid FEN inserted - 8/5/nk1/8/8/8/8/8/3QK3

    1. Ke2
    The kings support is needed so lets bring it up as soon as possible
    1. ... Kf6
    Keep the K close to the N but not on the edge or in a corner as this restricts the N too much
    2. Ke3 .. Ke5;
    3. Qd4+ Ke6;
    4. Ke4
    The queen cannot do this herself and the K must play an active role in driving the K & N back
    4. ... Nd6+;
    5. Kf4 .. Nf7;
    6. Qc4+ .. Ke7;
    Slowly forcing the K to the edge
    7. Qc6 .. Nd6;
    8. Ke5 .. Nf7+;
    9. Kd5 .. Kf8;
    On the edge, just where we want him
    10. Qf6 .. Ke8;
    11. Qg6 .. Ke7;
    12. Qg7 .. Ke8;
    13. Ke6 .. Nd8+;
    14. Kf6 .. Nf7;
    15 QXN wins

    I don't claim this is the quickest way. It is an indication how to win. I am sure a Tablebase will cut 3-5 moves off this.