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Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member sh76
    Civis Americanus Sum
    06 Aug '08 20:07
    And it was actually against a decently rated player. I guess he was probably at work talking to his boss at the same time as playing.

  2. 07 Aug '08 02:00
    Even then, I find it pretty hard for a decently rated player to play like that...
  3. 25 Oct '08 16:04
  4. 25 Oct '08 16:13
    Anything is possible in Internet blitz...
  5. Standard member Dragon Fire
    Lord of all beasts
    25 Oct '08 16:59
    Must have had his engine turned off.
  6. 27 Oct '08 03:02
    He must have thought it was loser's chess.