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  1. 06 Sep '08 14:24 / 1 edit

    Well I just lost and I'm looking for places where I could improve/what I could've done.

  2. 06 Sep '08 14:38
    5 pawn moves in the first 8 is 3 too many in my opinion.
    2.d3 looks rather odd. I think in the English 2.Nc3, 2.Nf3 (or indeed 2.g3) and the fianchetto on the kingside are more usual.

    You should have taken his knight on d4 ASAP because it's a monster. You'd have also doubled his pawns & probably still come out of the opening with a solid plus.

    It's a turkey shoot after the exchanges on f3 because now both your KS & QS are unsafe.

    That is what strikes me after a very brief glance.
  3. 06 Sep '08 14:46
    Squelch has it about right - to many pawn moves in the opening
    and the d4 Knight to come off.
    After you lost you Queen resigns was clear option.
    Your opponent played well.

    Not to worry though see:

    Thread 99790
  4. 06 Sep '08 14:48
    What the others said. Also, instead of the unnecessary pawn moves, you needed to work on early castling to make your king safe.