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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 10 Oct '06 18:36
    I just noticed iv got a number of moves bar on "my games" section of the site.....thats just arrived yes......or im going totally mad. Had a look in the site announcement part of the threads and couldnt see anything :-S
  2. 10 Oct '06 18:38
    Take it to the FAQ section. I know it's degrading but...
  3. 10 Oct '06 18:54
    I looked everywhere and couldnt find an answer, I swear it wasnt there before......

    It does have nice chess implications tho, seeing which games are still in the opening and being able to click those and move quickly while selecting games further on when you have longer to think about a move in the more complex positions.
  4. 10 Oct '06 19:24
    Do you have greasemonkey installed? If so, are you using any of Ourosboros' extensions for this site?