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Only Chess Forum

  1. 11 Oct '06 10:58
    play me
  2. 11 Oct '06 11:01
    whats a 3a?
  3. 11 Oct '06 11:02
    ? I dont understand?
  4. 11 Oct '06 11:02 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    You are now confirmed as a 3(a).
    Gotta love the subtlety. (Edit: I mean his, not yours.)
  5. 11 Oct '06 11:04
    ? IQ of 190??????????????????
    I have absolutely no clue what you are discussing?
    Seriously if this is your way of welcoming noobs such as myself, your really a mean spirited person.
  6. 11 Oct '06 11:05
    I chose my name because of the Angel Gabriel who destroyed the city of sodom
  7. 11 Oct '06 11:06
    I was looking through the forum post just to check things out because I am new, and I did see the other Gabriel, but that is not me, so I would appreciate you leaving me quite alone. Thankyou
  8. 11 Oct '06 11:07
    Seriously, your very rude. And I think you should be kicked off quite frankly, and i just met you. go figure.
  9. 11 Oct '06 11:10
    BANNED FOR WHAT???? you should be banned for bothering nice people who just want to play chess, I am not responding to your sacriligious comments anymore, I hope you have a very bad day.
  10. 11 Oct '06 11:11
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    When you are banned, will you kindly just #### off and stop spamming up the forums?
    He'll probably come back as GabrielTheSuperhuman, GabrielIsBest and UCantBeatGabriel.
  11. Standard member onyx2006
    11 Oct '06 11:29
    boring... lets ignore him.
  12. 11 Oct '06 12:22
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    You are now confirmed as a 3(a).
    Hold tight whilst I grass you up..
    Grass up? Is that the same thing as tar and feathers?
  13. 11 Oct '06 12:51
    Well if Gabrielhandsome isn't you there are a number of "coincidences" occuring so you'll have to be patient with those who think you are one and the same user.

    You have a similar name to Gabrielhandsome who claims to have an iq of 190 among other things, a similar writing writing style that you lapse into when not doing the faux English "quite frankly" style adopted here.

    A similar brash approach to the forums.

    There is also another similarity with an unusual opening played by Gabrielhandsome and Gabrielisastonishing in 1.Nc3...this is a move that chessbuddy on my mobile phone (cellphone) also plays sometimes.

    It occurs to me that a a programme such as chessbuddy would be of sufficient strenghth to play a good game here but not so good as to beat the top players nor lead to immediate suspicions of computor assitance. Someone with more knowledge of this should look into it on both accounts.

    However, taking your comments at face value and assuming you are not using mulitple accounts nor any computor assistance then you have stumbled into a storm generated by another user. I hope the above explanation covers the reasons why this has happened and I also hope that you can see this through and enjoy playing some good chess here.
  14. 11 Oct '06 13:02
    Originally posted by Nordlys
    He'll probably come back as GabrielTheSuperhuman, GabrielIsBest and UCantBeatGabriel.
    He probably would try and disguise his name next time, e.g. GabbyIsGod.
  15. 11 Oct '06 13:25
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    I've often wondered if there is an undetected problem of some players using weaker programs.
    mine only cost £1

    i myself dont know how to move the peices i just like to play using my program and lose an awful lot. the thrill. the thrill!