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Only Chess Forum

  1. 15 Mar '06 16:20
    thanks I will check it out.
    how is the server speed?
  2. 15 Mar '06 17:33
    The server speed is fast.
  3. 15 Mar '06 18:38
    FICS is the best I have found for the price (free). I also use BabasChess and am happy with it.
  4. 15 Mar '06 19:58 / 5 edits is an interesting international site. Many Grandmasters, (you can watch, on a board not in person, Nigel Short, Yasser Seirawan and Magnus Carlssen playing their games for instance. Even Kasparov drops by once in a while) many International Masters, many FIDE Masters, a beginnerssection (!) (try beating those speedies to start with), chess lessons, chess-training, simuls, live reports from all the major chess events, eight pawn chess, shuffle chess, possibility of saving the games that you played and lots of other features.

    People who use chess computers/software outside the special computer rooms for computer assisted chess get their rating deleted.

    ...... and you can play for free signing in as a guest !

    From the site:

    "The world's fastest growing chess server. More than 3000 players online every night. 100,000 games per day. Top grandmasters playing, free chess training, live events with audio commentary, free chess tournaments with prizes every day, simultaneous exhibitions, special beginners and computer chess rooms."


    Players with Internet addresses from Russia and all former GUS countries, Africa, China and the Middle East have free access.

    GMs and IMs who registered for King or Queen rank have free access and automatically earn Ducats for playing on the server.

    Check it out !
  5. 15 Mar '06 20:08
    Originally posted by twes
    If you want the best place to play chess; go to

    then download the babachess playing board.

    Play real time chess anytime.
    I would recomend thats a good site I play at.
  6. 15 Mar '06 20:10 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Will Everitt
    I would recomend thats a good site I play at.
    That's the best correspondence chess site on the net !
  7. 15 Mar '06 23:09 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    I always get you mixed up with ivangrice, which is a shame.
    I live in Felicific Forest and ivangrice doesn't ! He lives in London
  8. 15 Mar '06 23:25
    Yeah, I think the best one is
  9. 16 Mar '06 00:41
    FICS get my vote - simply because its the best i've seen that is COMPLETLY FREE